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The National Lottery.

Draw results are also shown the following day on Facebook.


Tuesday's Euro-Millions...27/03/18.
Lucky Stars...04 and 06.
Millionaire Maker Code...XVZD84244.
Results Previous Week...1 Lucky Star.
Wednesday's National Lottery...28/03/18.
Millionaire Raffle Numbers...Navy 6763 1390.
Millionaire Raffle Numbers...Ruby 7995 5004.
Millionaire Raffle Numbers...Teal 8987 2779.
Results Previous Week... 1 Line with 0 No's.
1 line with 1 No.
1 line with 2 No's Free ticket = £2.00.
Friday's Euro-Millions...23/03/18.
Lucky Star's...05 and 07.
Millionaire Maker Code....XTXV87942.
Results Previous Week...1 Number.

Saturday's National Lottery...24/03/18.
Millionaire Raffle Numbers...Teal 0952 8381.
Millionaire Raffle Numbers...Teal 8483 8352.
Millionaire Raffle Numbers...Jade 8496 4718.
Millionaire Raffle Numbers...Gold 6146 0099.
Results Previous Week...3 line's with 0 No's.
1 line with 2 No's = Free ticket = £2.00.

The Web Site of the Health Lottery.

Durham County Cricket Club Howzat Lottery



The New the Cricket Club Lottery.

Phil and Babs Numbers. NG2256, NG6513, NG3770, NG1027, NG5284

NG4340, and NG0653.

Lyns Numbers. NG5456, NG4226, NG1483, NG2997, NG0254, 

NG6025 and NG3282.




Wednesday 15 March

£1,000 (G1378) – K Sheen; £250 (RA2545) – D Pritchard; £125 (AB1427) – K Holmes; 44 x £10 consolation prizes

DCCC Match Tickets: A Shepherd (NG4022) & C Nicklas (NG4752)

Everyone Active weekly gym/swim pass: R Clayton (NH0132)

Rollover Extra (P2007) – No winner, £5,500 next week.














































































































The web site of Durham County Cricket Club.

Details of current winnings, state of your payments etc are available from me by either phone or text.
There will be regular e-mails.
If anyone has pre-set numbers it is possible to add them into the syndicate.

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